Humidity modules/ transducers
Humidity measuring range
Product no.: SHOP 0557 0002M
The universal sensor switching module has been developped for humidity measuring applications and is suitable for various electrolytic sensors as a two-point controller.
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Product no.: SHOP HYTE-ANA-10V
Universal humidity and temperature module for the measurement o fair humidity and ambiant temperatures
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5 pcs 67,58 €
10 pcs 64,01 €
Product no.: SHOP HYTE-ANA-1735
The calibrated humidity module with integrated NTC temperature sensor is a high runner among the B+B sensor transducers. The signal of the humidity sensor is transformed into a voltage output, whereas the NTC signal is analogue.
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1 pc 40,33 €
5 pcs 38,31 €
10 pcs 36,30 €
Product no.: SHOP SHS-MOD-LC
The B+B dew module is a universal, resistive evaluation electronics for detection of condensation for the dew sensors of the SHS series.
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1 pc 35,93 €
5 pcs 34,13 €
10 pcs 32,33 €
Product no.: SHOP WLSW-M
The level controller board makes the level control of conductive liquids, such as rain or tap water possible.
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The humidity modules (humidity or temperature) or humidity transducers (humidity or temperature) of B+B Thermo-Technik are characterized by their high accuracy, good long-term stability and also by their excellent price-performance ratio. The humidity modules or the humidity transmitter provide a linear scaled output signal of 0…5 V/ 0…10V/ 4…20 mA as well as an I²C Interface for analysis.

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