Digital humidity and temperature sensor for Hytelog Multisensor, HYT131

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The digital B+B humidity/temperature probe HYT131 is ideally suited for climate monitoring in e.g. warehouses or storage-rooms.

Weight: 0.15 kg
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Humidity/temperature probe
measurement category
humidity and temperature
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±3% RH
Temperature measuring range
-20...+70 °C
±0.4 °C (at +20...+40 °C)
I²C address
0x28, 0x29 or 0x2A
RJ12-connection plug
Operating voltage
2.7...5.5 V DC
Current consumption
<22 µA at 1 Hz (max. 850 µA , Sleep <1 µA)
(LxWxH) 23 x 10 x 8.3 mm
Output signal
Digital, I²C
0.15 kg
The digital B+B humidity/temperature probe HYT131 is ideally suited for measuring the ambient air and delivers highly reliable measuring results in a tiny space due to the proven technology of the HYT131. The sensor is installed in a handy RJ12-plug and so has minimal dimensions for a probe.

The precisely calibrated probe supplies the measurement results as a digital value via I²C-compatible interface. The linearity error as well as the temperature drift are corrected by means of programming to create the most accurate measurement results.

The probe can be connected to the B+B Hytelog Multisensor and thus adds up to a simple humidity/temperature monitioring system. The standard address of the probe is 0x28.

With the Hytelog humidity and temperature measuring system you have the option of connecting 3 sensors at the same time. The temperature or humidity sensors can be easily connected via the three RJ12 sockets. It only has to be considered that the sensors have different I²C addresses. When used with the Hytelog multisensor, only the addresses 0x28,0x29 and 0x2A are permitted.

Typical areas of application:

  • Installation within machinery and equipment for humidity/temperature monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of indoor swimming pools, archives, museums, storerooms & warehouses etc.
  • Monitoring of drying processes of tea, tobacco, hops etc.


Programming of customer-specific I²C address with article SHOP 0800 3000.

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