Humidity and temperature measuring system Hytelog-Multi-Set 2

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This B+B humidity and temperature measuring system, Hytelog Multisensor, is an efficient measuring and recording system which can be connected to up to 3 sensors - for both temperature and humidity.

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Humidity/temperature measuring system
Digital humidity and temperature sensor
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±1.8% RH at +23 °C
Humidity resolution
0.01% RH
Temperature measuring range
-40...+125 °C
±0.2 °C (at 0...60 °C)
I²C-Address: 0x28 or alternative address
Tube length
32 mm
Tube diameter
13 mm
Tube material
PA6, black
Operating voltage
2.7...5.5 V
Current consumption
typ. <22 µA bt 1 Hz measuring rate, 850 µA maximal
Scope of delivery
Humidity and temperature measuring system Hytelog Multisensor-Set 2 incl. digital humidity/temperature module with I²C-interface 0626 0110-05, 1 m USB-connection cable and service case with operation manual
The required software can be downloaded for free in our download area!
0.423 kg

The Hytelog Multisensor guarantees an excellent measuring accuracy and long-term stable recording of the climatic values humidity and temperature in industrial applications and processes- even under extreme circumstances. Up to three sensors for temperature and humidity measurement can be used: from the „easy“ cable probe to the highly developed arbor-mounted probe.

The data can be read and evaluated directly on a PC with the free software. The most important feature is that the software offers the graphical display of every measured and recorded canal as a temperature or humidity time diagram.

This set includes, besides the Hytelog Multisensor:

  • a digital humidity and temperature probe with I²C-interface, address 0x28, and 3 m cable
  • a 1 m USB-connection cable
  • a functional service case incl. operation manual

Areas of application:

  • Rooms with increased humidity load
  • Drying plants (for example, hops)
  • Air conditioning for churches, public buildings and museums
  • Storage rooms & warehouses
  • Greenhouses

Please note: Just one probe per I²C-address can be connected!  Please tell us the I²C-address if you wish to buy further probes.

The software can be downloaded free of charge from our download area: Folder name: 0570 0002_Humidity and temperature measuring system Hytelog Multisensor-Set2


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