Humidity controller suitable for dryers

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The humidity controller TW2001-A is an electromechanical hygrostat for relative air humidity. Because of the closing switching contact (NO) it is most suitable for dryers and dehumidifiers.

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Humidity controller
Humidity adjustment range
10...80% RH without condensation
Environmental conditions
10...90% RH, without condensation
Application temperature
+10...+40 °C
5% RH (3...8% RH)
Response time
approx. 15 min
Capacity open contact
230 VAC/ 5 A
Switching cycles
>6000 at maximum load
Axis diameter
6.32 mm
(LxWxH) 85 x 45 x 25 mm
Execution for controlling an air dryer
0.1177 kg

The physical measuring principle of this humidity controller is based on the characteristics of the hygroscopic polyamide tape which is tensioned by a spring.

The water content in this plastic tape is in balance with the relative humidity (% RH) of the surrounding atmosphere and the length of the tape changes reversibly depending on the actual air humidity (% RH) value in the air.

Adjusting the switching point is by simply turning the knob and may be directly used for controlling electric loads.

Unlike with electronic devices the hygrostat requires no power supply.


Areas of application:

  • Air dryers, Air dehumidifiers, air conditioning technology, climatic systems, ventilation systems
  • Building automation
  • Agricultural und horticultural facilities
  • Greenhouses
  • Spare parts for domestic appliances

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