VOC-/humidity-/temperature probe for a pleasant indoor climate

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This high-performance sensor shows you exactly when it‘s time to ventilate your living space, office, business premises or class room. Built into its compact wall housing the sensor measures not only the air quality but as well humidity and temperature.

Weight: 0.04 kg
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VOC probe
Measuring range
Air quality: 450...2000 ppm. VOC/CO2 equivalent
Accuracy air
air quality: ±100 ppm
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±2% RH
Output scaling humidity
0...100% RH on 0...10 V
Temperature measuring range
0...+50 °C
±0.3 °C (
Output scaling temperature
0...+50 °C on 0...10 V
3 LEDs for room climate, 1 LED for operating status
250 V AC 8 A
Power supply
14...27 V DC
Current consumption
70 mA at 24 V DC
(LxWxH) 70 x 70 x 27 mm
ABS, white
Protection category
Screw terminal 0.75 mm²
0.04 kg

VOC stands for "volatile organic compounds" also referred to as mixed gas. They arise for example from vapours of materials, body odours or cigarette smoke.


The VOC measures the amount of mixed gas in the air and indicates through an LED-traffic light display the VOC-contents.

green: < 800 ppm
yellow: 800 .. 1200 ppm  
red: > 1200 ppm


A 4th LED displays if the device is put on and if the sensors are functioning.

Areas of application:

  • School rooms / class rooms
  • Offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Conference rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Business spaces
  • Fitness rooms
  • Building automation
  • Climate recording

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