Mechanical engineering
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Voltage output
Temperature measuring range
Humidity measuring range
pressure measuring variant
Cable length
Tube material
Pressure measuring range
Product no.: SHOP TF-GLT-10V-EXT1
The high-quality and precise temperature probe is connected with the evaluation electronics through a permanently installed cable and ideal for the building automation, air conditioning technology and further industrial applications.
84,39 €*
1 pc 84,39 €
3 pcs 80,17 €
10 pcs 75,95 €
Product no.: SHOP THMOD-I2C-300M
Thermocouples are common in industry and are said to be the standard method for measuring temperatures with a measuring range of -270…+1370 °C.
31,43 €*
Product no.: SHOP TPTR-I2C-R1
The Pt1000 resistance temperature probes of the TPTR-I2C series with their dual output are easily incorporated in industrial processes, in which temperature measurement and/or control in liquid or gaseous media is relevant.
128,22 €*
1 pc 128,22 €
5 pcs 121,82 €
10 pcs 115,40 €
Product no.: SHOP TS-NTC-103M
The NTC temperature sensors are especially designed for miniaturized solutions in the temperature measurement.They have a wide measuring range of -40…+150 °C.
from  1,84 €*
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B+B offers various solutions according to the requirements of the machinery industry. We develop customer-specific solutions but also provide a wide range of standard products for various applications, like mineral insulated thermocouples with connection cable, screw in probes, bayonet probes, cable probes with 90° cable adapter, temperature probes with connection head, indicators and controllers, surface probes, high-quality pressure transducers and humidity and temperature probes.

The quality of our targets reflects the quality of our future! As a certificated company B+B can grant top quality products.

B+B offers you an innovative and a wide range of products for several applications in the temperature, humidity and pressure measurement.

Payment without any risks. Trusted Shop certificated online shop with buyer protection.

An excellent warehouse system grants a short-time delivery of standard products.