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Air quality

Air quality contributes significantly to the quality of life. If the quality of the air is not good, for example, because it contains too little oxygen, we quickly become tired, get headaches and feel listless. One solution in this case is to open the windows and let fresh air into the room. However, this solution is not so easy to implement in every situation and environment. Also, the air itself is a complex matter, where simply opening the window does not always help. B+B offers optimal and innovative products for determining air quality. In this way, action can be taken before the quality of the air sinks to its lowest point and we already feel physical effects.

Our products are used in:

  • School rooms
  • offices
  • business premises
  • hotel rooms
  • fitness rooms
  • Climate records

The kiro air
Mostly we ventilate during the cold season only when we get the feeling that the air is used up. Since humans can only evaluate the quality of the air very inaccurately, this time to ventilate is clearly too late. Infections are transmitted via small droplets in the air, which means that the concentration of these droplets in the room air is constantly increasing. That's why ventilation is the most important protection, especially during the winter months. "The IDE recommends ensuring the highest possible supply of fresh air indoors given the current virological knowledge." (Source: Federal Environmental Agency - 08/13/2020) The DGUV also says that "[r]egular air exchange helps reduce viral loads." (Source: DGUV - German Social Accident Insurance - 09/25/2020)

The compact measuring device kiro air was developed to monitor the quality of indoor air in the simplest way and to be able to quickly initiate necessary measures. The kiro air measures the CO2 concentration of the room air, the temperature and the humidity and displays the current values on a paper-white display. The kiro air also has an LED that uses a traffic light system to show at a glance how good the current air quality is. If this traffic light turns red, action should be taken as quickly as possible. At the same time, the red traffic light status is communicated via an acoustic signal.

VOC sensor
VOC describes gaseous and vaporous substances of organic origin in the air. These include, for example, hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and organic acids.

With this powerful sensor you know exactly when it is time to provide fresh air in residential or business premises. Easily installed in a wall-mounted housing, it measures air quality (VOC*), humidity and temperature. The sensor is available in a plain version that measures VOC only or as a VOC/temperature and humidity sensor with relay. The relay can be used to control a fan or window regulator for ventilation. 

The quality of our targets reflects the quality of our future! As a certificated company B+B can grant top quality products.

B+B offers you an innovative and a wide range of products for several applications in the temperature, humidity and pressure measurement.

Payment without any risks. Trusted Shop certificated online shop with buyer protection.

An excellent warehouse system grants a short-time delivery of standard products.