Radar sensor RSM1620

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Radar motion detectors can capture - in contrary to infrared motion detectors- „cold“ moving objects as well as objects with a temperature difference to the ambient temperature.

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Radar motion detector
Detection of
Movement, Velocity, direction of motion, presence and distance
Transmission frequency
24...24.25 GHz
Transmission power
15 dBm
Temperature drift of electronic measuring
-1 MHz/ °C
Antennae characteristics
Horizontal 45° (azimuth), vertical 38° (elevation)
Side lobe oppression
Horizontal 15 (azimuth), vertikal 20° (elevation)
IF output voltage
-300...+300 mV
Application temperature
-20...+60 °C
Power supply
4.75...5.25 V DC
Operating current
35...50 mA
(LxWxH) 44 x 30 x 19 mm
0.02 kg
In contrary to passive infrared motion detectors, which only register objects with a temperature difference to the background, radar motion detectors react to all kinds of movements towards the sensor. The motion sensitivity is very high, even the smallest movements are detected. The radar motion detector supplies a non-amplified mix signal (FMCK/FSK) which has to be processed in a following amplifier circuit before it can be evaluated by a comparator or a micro controller. The radar sensor is suitable for detction of movement, velocity, presence, direction and distance.
    Typical areas of application:
  • Level measurement
  • Sanitary appliances
  • Alarm and security applications
  • OEM applications
  • Automotive

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