Temperature sensors
Temperature measuring range
Product no.: SHOP 0364 0007-20M
Ceramic wire-wound temperature sensors have overall the widest temperature measuring range of all platinum temperature sensors. They also offer excellent temperature stability and shock resistance.
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The digital temperature sensors TSic ™, LM35 DZ and DS18S20 offer excellent accuracy and long-term stability thanks to their high measuring accuracy.
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The glass temperature sensor consists of a platinum winding wrapped in glass and is therefore particularly temperature-stable. The platinum measuring resistors have connecting wires with a very high tensile strength.
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Product no.: K-0363 0050-15M
Mineral insulated thermocouples are thermo wires compressed in fire resistant magnesium oxide which ensures a high pressure resistance. Thermocouples type K are suited for the range -200…+1100 °C. The shock resistant construction assures a long life span.
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Product no.: SHOP TS-NTC-103M
The NTC temperature sensors are especially designed for miniaturized solutions in the temperature measurement.They have a wide measuring range of -40…+150 °C.
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The platinum temperature sensors are long term-stable, highly accurate and intermateable. The sensors are available in packs of 5.
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KTY temperature sensors are so-called silicium temperature sensors, which are ideally suited for measuring in air, gases and liquids within a temperature range of -55...+150 °C due to their slightly bent characteristic curve and their low tolerance.
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The surface temperature sensors are characterized by long-term stability, excellent solderability and low self-heating. The sensors are available in packs of 5.
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Temperature sensors

Whether installed, uninstalled, wired or unwired - there are a wide variety of sensors such as platinum sensors with Pt100, Pt200, Pt500 or Pt1000 sensor element. Another digital sensor is the DS18B20 digital thermometer. It has a direct digital output and is programmable.

Mineral-insulated thermocouple

The sheath thermocouple, also called MTE, consists of two conductors made of thermocouple material. These are enclosed in magnesium oxide and a stainless steel sheath. The conductors are connected to each other at the measuring point. Due to their flexibility and slim design, they can reach even difficult measuring points. MTE's can have uninsulated, insulated and exposed measuring points depending on the application. Thermocouple type K is the most common thermocouple type.

Platinum temperature sensors

These platinum temperature sensors feature long-term stability, high accuracy over a wide temperature range, and continuous compatibility. They are particularly used for high demand applications, typically in automotive, white goods, air conditioning and heating, power generation, and medical and industrial equipment and machinery.

PTC temperature sensors

Silicon temperature sensors (also known as KTY temperature sensors or PTC temperature sensors) are ideal for temperature measurement and control, especially for measuring in air, gas and liquids.

Digital temperature sensors

Even more accurate than platinum temperature sensors are digital temperature sensors. With their digital output, temperature measurement is very easy. The TSic™ sensors offer outstanding accuracy and high long-term stability.

NTC temperature sensors

NTC sensors are also suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in heating technology or in the automotive sector.

For special miniaturized solutions in temperature measurement, the precision temperature sensors have been designed with 1 kOhm, 2 kOhm, 5 kOhm, 10 kOhm, 20 kOhm, 25 kOhm, 50 kOhm, 100 kOhm and 200 kOhm resistors.

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