Room humidity / temperature probe (active), 10V

Product no.: SHOP FF-GLT-10V-TE1

Favourable humidity/ temperature measuring system in wall housing for discreet and uncomplicated mounting. With integrated sensor technology, high long-term stability- linearized and temperature compensated. AC/DC suited.

Weight: 0.046 kg
1 pc 72,09 €
3 pcs 68,49 €
10 pcs 64,88 €
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Room humidty/ temperature probe
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Sensor type humidity
Capacitive humidity sensor
Humidity accuracy
±3% RH
Output scaling humidity
0...100% RH on 0...10 V
Response time humidity
T90: 25 s with protection filter
Temperature measuring range
-30...+70 °C
Pt1000, 2-wire
Class F 0,3 (Class B) DIN EN 60751 conform
Output scaling temperature
-30...+70 °C on 0...10 V
Response time temperature
T90: 25 s
ABS, white
(LxWxH) 71 x 71 x 27 mm
Voltage output
2x 0...10 V
Screw terminal 0.75 mm²
Operating voltage
12...24 V AC/DC
0.046 kg

In the fields of industrial and building automation, high-quality probes are required, which are suited for continuous use and protected against over voltage and transients.

Further advantages are the high long-term stability and an excellent measuring accuracy in the application. The B+B temperature and humidity probes are developed especially for these types of applications and can be used in various areas by using up-to-date sensor technology.

The most common application areas are

  • Building automation
  • Industrial measuring and control technology
  • Air-conditioning and
  • Drying technology

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