Digital humidity measurement systems
Product no.: SHOP 0570 0001M
This B+B humidity and temperature measuring system, Hytelog Multisensor, is an efficient measuring and recording system which can be connected to up to 3 sensors - for both temperature and humidity.
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Product no.: SHOP Hytelog-RS232
The B+B humidity and temperature measuring system is an efficient measuring and recording system for temperature and relative humidity.
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Product no.: SHOP Hytelog-USB
The B+B humidity and temperature probe with USB interface is an efficient measuring and recording system for relative humidity and temperature.
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Digital humidity measuring systems

The digital humidity measuring systems (humidity and temperature measuring systems) from B+B Thermo-Technik have a USB/ RS232 or RS485 interface for recording and evaluating the measured values on a PC. The software included in the scope of delivery is easy to operate and, with its integrated data logger, ideally suited for long-term measurements. With the optional software "PCLOG" the measured values can be displayed directly graphically and with the optional software "PROFILAB" a relay card can be controlled (relay card available at B+B). The measuring systems also offer high accuracy and good long-term stability in continuous operation.    

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