Gas probes
Cable length
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The condensate trap is a cylindrical container that contains a protective filter. The filter additionally frees the exhaust gas from contamination.
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The multi-hole probe can be adjusted to different nominal lengths due to the sliding cone on the handle. With its 8 suction holes, an immersion depth between 60-170 mm is possible.
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The exhaust gas probe with flexible stainless steel tube is ideal for exhaust gas measurements on large vehicles e.g. trucks, buses and tanks.
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The exhaust gas probe with bendable metal hose and condensate trap is ideal for exhaust gas measurements on large vehicles e.g. trucks, buses and tanks.
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The flue gas probes are available in the measurands temperature, gas and pressure and with fixed or replaceable probe tube.
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The flue gas probe with replaceable coax probe tube measures temperature, gas and pressure. The handle is heated and has a soot filter receptacle.
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This flue gas probe"Eco TGP", is ideally suited for "Eco TGP", is ideally suited for combined temperature, gas and pressure measuring. With a thermocouple element type K, the probe measures the exhaust gas temperature up to 800 °C.
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Gas probes

The topic of climate change and environmental protection is omnipresent. Due to the increasing number of problems caused by too many emissions, we are now confronted with the issue of emission protection in every situation in life. In order to keep emissions as low as possible, the federal government has introduced a law. This ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act, abbreviated to BImSchV, is an ordinance in which the corresponding emission limit values for all equipment and systems and other guidelines/specifications are specified. In order to check the corresponding limit values in an application, a measuring probe is required in addition to an evaluation device. A distinction must be made here between flue gas probes (fire systems) and exhaust gas probes (motor vehicles).

Flue gas probes

Depending on the system, different limit values must be observed, which are checked using the appropriate flue gas probe and an evaluation device. The spectrum ranges from simple temperature and gas measurements to temperature, gas and pressure measurements and combined temperature, gas, pressure and soot measurements. The temperature is measured in ordert o be able to ensure gas extraction at the hottest point. Only then does the sampling comply with the guidelines and can be recognized as an official limit value measurement. The pressure can also be measured in ordert o determine the flow velocity in the chimney draft.

Various probe tube designs, partially separate pressure and gas paths and various accessories support in order to obtain the exact measurement results.

The exhaust gases contain i.a. CO2, CO, oxides and soot particles. These favor climate change and are both environmentally damaging and hazardous to health. Monitoring the combustion process with the help of a professional flue gas probe helps reduce emissions and thus protects the environment, ensures the most efficient use oft he system and compliance with the legally prescribed limit values.

Exhaust probes

In the emission test, a measuring probe (exhaust gas probe) is inserted into the exhaust of the vehicle and a measurement is carried out when the engine is warm. What exactly is measured depends on the engine and the vehicle’s emission control system. In petrol engines, the CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbon), O2 (oxygen) and Nox (nitrogen oxide) values are measured at increased engine speed while idling. These values may only occur in specified quantities in the exhaust gas. In comparison, the density of soot particles is measured in diesel engines, as these are mainly produced in diesel engines and must therefore not exceed a specified value. The measurement takes place with free acceleration.

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