Temperature modules/ transducers
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Temperature transmitter transform the voltage signal of thermocouples or the resistance change of platinum sensors (Pt100,Pt1000) to a 4…20 mA signal.
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Product no.: SHOP PT-MOD-10V-T1M
The B+B measuring transducer module Pt1000 with voltage output 0-10V or 4...20mA is an accurate reliable digital measuring transducer in a miniaturised PCB design with modern ASIC technology - digitally calibrated for connecting Pt1000 sensors.
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Product no.: SHOP PTPK-MOD-10V-TM
For connecting platinum sensors to a SPS or to PC-cards, measuring transducers are needed, which implement the resistance change of the sensor in a standard current or voltage signal.
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Product no.: SHOP TEMOD-I2C-R1M
In the industrial sector of temperature measurement platinum sensors are a common measurement solution. The intelligent B+B temperature module adjusts the non-linear signal of the pt1000 sensor and translates it into an I²C or voltage output.
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Product no.: SHOP THMOD-I2C-300M
Thermocouples are common in industry and are said to be the standard method for measuring temperatures with a measuring range of -270…+1370 °C.
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Temperature modules / temperature transmitters

The temperature modules or the temperature transmitters of B+B Thermo-Technik are characterized by a high accuracy and good long-term stability. Different sensors, e.g. Pt100 and Pt1000 can be attached and provide reliable results. The temperature modules or the temperature transmitters then provide a linearly scaled output signal of 0...5 V/ 0...10 V / 4...20 mA or an I²C interface for evaluation. Different designs ensure use in a wide range of applications.

Digital transmitter TxBlock USB

The digital transmitter TxBlock USB is a digital temperature transmitter especially for head B mounting.

Digital transmitter, Tx IsoRail

The digital transmitter Tx IsoRail with its special design is suitable for mounting in the connection head for head B and MA as well as for mounting on the standard rail.

Sensor module

Transmitter modules in miniaturized design with ASIC technology are also available. The digital ASIC technology guarantees excellent measuring accuracy.

Transmitter module

The transmitter module was specially developed for standard PK101 housings.

Thermocouple module

With special thermocouple modules it is possible with simple means to realize a temperature measurement over a wide measuring range with a microcontroller. Thermocouple modules are used in microcontrollers, in measurement technology, in industrial measurement and control technology and in temperature recording. Platinum temperature sensors are widely used in the industrial field of temperature measurement. A high-resolution, 14-bit A/D converter is also already integrated in the ASIC and both measured values are provided digitally at the I2C interface.

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