Humidity switching devices/ controllers
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Product no.: SHOP WLS-GEH230V
This controller allows you to control the levels in conductive liquids such as condensate and tap or rain water. It can control 4 levels simultaneously.
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The B+B hygrostats and humidity controlers are simply mountable and operable. Furthermore they are highly reliable and long-term stable. You can state the hygrostats on a firm switch point and then you can control the motor ( fan, window lifter, pump etc.) with a relay. The product range includes humidity controllers, rain detectors, absolute humidity controller and indicator, dew point switch, leakage detector and level controller which are mainly used in humid areas, in industrial plant, in agriculture, in measurement and control technology, air-conditioning technology industry and in the building control technology.

The quality of our targets reflects the quality of our future! As a certificated company B+B can grant top quality products.

B+B offers you an innovative and a wide range of products for several applications in the temperature, humidity and pressure measurement.

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