PIR motion sensor, power consumption 1,0 mA

Product no.: SHOP PIR-STD

No matter whether an animal, a burglar or maybe yourself – if something moves in the coverage of this passive infrared motion detector, action is triggered. The PIR motion detector reacts to the heat radiation of moving bodies or objects.

Weight: 0.0265 kg
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Article name
Passive infrared motion detector
Ca. 4 m to 12 m, adjustable in 5 steps
Signal bandwidth
0.2...10 Hz
Opening angle
Horizontal ±50°, vertical ±30°
Digital output
Open Collector max. 12 V, 20 mA
Analog output
0V...Vcc -0,5V
Application temperature
-20...+60 °C
Environmental conditions
Ambient humidity: 0...90% RH, Dew not permitted
Power supply
3...12 V DC
Operating current
Calm, output "H" - 1.0 mA / Activ, output "L" - 1.4 mA
(LxWxH) 25 x 25 x 26 mm
0.0265 kg

The compact SMD module has some characteristic features which guarantee universal applicability despite its small size.Very high sensitivity, adjustable in 4 steps. Integrated window comparator, TTL- and CMOS-compatible open collector output, which can also control LEDs and relays directly. Additional analogue output for your own evaluation circuit.

Areas of application:

  • Automatic illuminating devices
  • Alarm and security applications
  • Presence detection
  • Contactless hygienic switches for the sanitary facilities
  • Building automation
  • OEM applications

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