Controller N1200-3R-USB

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In automation engineering, digital Controllers are used to set and stabilize the variable processes for the users pre-defined values

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Thermocouple type J, K, T, N, R, S or Pt100/3wire, 0…50mV, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…5 V
Input impedance
Thermocouples and voltage: >10 MΩ, Pt100 measuring current: 175µA, 0…20 mA: 100 Ω, 0…5 V: >1 MΩ
Temperature measuring range
Thermocouples: from -100…+1760 °C, Pt100: -200…+530 °C
depends on input, see data sheet
Analog input
Second analog input for external set point entry in 4…20 mA
1 changer relay SPDT (I/O3), max. load 3 A / 250 V AC (3 A / 30V DC);2 O/N contact relay SPST (I/O1,I/O2), max. load 3 A / 240 V AC (3 A / 30V DC);1 analog output (I/O5) for: 0(4)-20 mA, controll output for set point transfer, max. load 550 Ω
Type of control
ON/OFF or PID or manual
Measuring rate
A/D converter resolution
Intern:19500 levels, Display: 12000 levels
Power supply
100...240 V AC (±10%), 50…60 Hz
Environmental conditions
0...+50 °C, max. 80% RH for temperatures up to +30 °C. Above +30 °C the max. air humidity reduces by 3% RH per °C. Interior installation with max. altitude of 2000 m, environment index 2
Protection category
IP65 at front wall (by correct installation)
(LxWxH) 100 x 48 x 48 mm Switchboard detail 45.5 x 45.5 mm, installation depth 97 mm)
0.155 kg

The N1200 is a universal process controller. It has been developed to combine all controller characteristics which are important for industrial processes in one device. It can be integrated in industrial as well as in building and laboratory process automation.

The main characteristics of the N1200 are:

  • Universal sensor input for thermocouples, Pt100, 0(4)…20 mA, 0…50 mV or 0…5 V signals
  • Protection against sensor Failure
  • Control outputs programmable as relay, linear 0(4)…20 mA or pulsed logic voltage output
  • Auto – tune function
  • Up to 4 programmable alarms,
  • up to 2 timer functions, which can be associated to the alarms
  • Process variable PV or set point SV retransmission as 0(4)…20 mA analog signal
  • External set point input as a 4…20 mA standard signal
  • Programmable Soft-start (0-9999 seconds)
  • RS485 with RTU-Modbus protocoll (optional)
  • 20 Setpoint profile programmes, with 9 segments each with the abilitity to be linked for a total of max. 180 Segments
  • USB port for easy configuration on a PC, with the free software NConfig

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