Sintered filter Ø12x25 mm, polyethylene, 25 µm

Product no.: SHOP 0133 0011

Humidity sensors in continuous duty are prone to dust deposits and contamination. With the help of this high quality sintered filter, the sensor element can be protected against external effects.

Weight: 0.002 kg
1 pc 9,90 €
5 pcs 9,42 €
10 pcs 8,92 €
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Raw material
Outer diameter
12 mm
Inner diameter
9.0 mm
25 mm
Pore size
25 µm
Environmental data
RoHS and REACH compliant
0.002 kg

Humidity sensors in continuous use are sensitive to dust deposits and other contaminants such as oil particles in industrial applications. In order to protect the sensors from these environmental influences and at the same time achieve an accurate measurement result, the B + B sintered filters made of polyethylene optimally protect the sensitive humidity sensor. Both large and solid particles, such as dust, are stopped by the sintering, where humidity particles can get through the sinter filter. Thus, an optimal air exchange for a correct measurement result is still guaranteed.


Product no.: SHOP FF-GLT-10V-K-TP
105,28 €*
Product no.: SHOP FF-GLT-10V-K-T0
102,99 €*
Product no.: SHOP FF-GLT-10V-K-T1
120,15 €*
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