Terminal block "B" 6-pole

Product no.: 0400 0087-60

We offer an extensive range of accessories to complement our temperature sensor program. The terminal base is suitable for temperature probes with the following connection heads: B, BUS, BK, NS, BINOX 1, BINOX 2, E, BUZ, BUG, DNAG.

Weight: 0.04 kg
1 pc 8,72 €
5 pcs 8,28 €
10 pcs 7,85 €
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Terminal socket for MA head and Binox3, Binox4
Material of base: Ceramics, Material of terminals: nickel plated brass
Number of positions
Ø42 mm
Mounting space
33 mm
suitable for
Connection heads: B, BUS, BK, NS, BINOX 1, BINOX 2, E, BUZ, BUG, DNAG
0.04 kg
This popular terminal block for type B connection heads, consists of a ceramic base and 4 connection terminals with soldering lugs. Cutouts in the ceramic base allow the screws to secure the block into the connection head.

Product no.: SHOP 0400 0421-101
56,34 €*
Product no.: SHOP 0400 0128-03
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