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Humidity reference cell set 2 (11,3% RH, 32,9% RH and 75,4% RH)

Product no.: SHOP REFZ-M20-SET2

B+B set consisting of three humidity reference cells for calibration and/or accuracy control of humidity probes and measuring systems at 11,3 %RH, 32,9 %RH and 75 %RH.

Weight: 0.6518 kg
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Article name
Reference cell set
Measuring range
11.3% RH, 32.9% RH and 75.4% RH at 22°C, temperature dependance see documentation
Application temperature
20...40 °C
Cell: Ø 40 x H105 mm (with lid), Thermobox: Ø 170 x H130 mm
Scope of delivery
Three reference cells (Lithium chloride, magnesium chloride and natrium chloride), cylindrical thermobox, Clamp connection adapter M20 for Ø10...14 mm
0.6518 kg

The humidity reference cells consist of high purity saturated salt solutions (purity degree “per analysis”). The salt brine is separated from the measurement chamber with a special hydrophobe, but gas permeable diaphragm membrane. It is so protected from any contamination. In the thermodynamic equilibrium, the salt solution develops in the measurement chamber a defined and highly accurate humidity state which depends only on the temperature and the salt composition.

The transparent acryl housing allows control at every time the saturation state of the salt solution. The present set contains three humidity reference cells with saturated salt solutions of lithium chloride (11,3 %RH), magnesium chloride (32,9 %RH) and potassium chloride (75,4 %RH). The three reference cells are packed in a thermobox which helps to guarantee a stable thermodynamic state (temperature stabilisation) of the salt brine and measurement chamber during the measurement. Included in the delivery scope is also a M20 screwing Adaptor for Humidity probe with outer diameter 10 mm to 14 mm.

Areas of application:

  • Calibration and calibration control of humidity probes and measuring devices,
  • Humidity defined storage of specimens and samples
  • Humidification cells for R&D

Calibration certificate

If you require a factory calibration certificate, please note: One factory calibration certificate is required per reference cell.

For reference cell set 1 (SHOP REFZ-M10-SET1), 2 factory calibration certificates are required.
For reference cell set 2 (SHOP REFZ-M20-SET2), 3 factory calibration certificates are required.

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