ISO Works calibration certificate for temperature sensors

Product no.: SHOP 0800 0000

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Works calibration according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Basic fee for temperature sensors and transmitters. Calibration points must be ordered separately, see article no. SHOP 0800 0001 / SHOP 0800 0002 / SHOP 0800 0003. 3 points are recommended.

Delivery will be effected within 4-7 working days with receipt of payment.
Calibration certificate for temperature
Works calibration certificate must be ordered with the product (at the same time)! It is technically impossible to issue a test certificate afterwards.
Measuring range
-30...+550 °C

Choose your calibration points for this basic fee:

SHOP 0800 0001 - temperatures between -30… + 100 °C

SHOP 0800 0002 - temperatures between + 101… + 1000 °C

SHOP 0800 0003 - Temperatures between -60… -30 °C and + 1000… + 1600 °C

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