Sensor module for Pt1000 sensors Selectable between -200...+650 °C | 4...20 mA

Product no.: SHOP PT-MOD-20MA-T4

The B+B measuring transducer module Pt1000 with current output 4-20mA, is an accurate reliable digital measuring transducer in a miniaturised PCB design with modern ASIC technology - digitally calibrated for connecting Pt1000 sensors.

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Article name
Measuring transducer module
Platinum sensor Pt1000 , resistance characteristic DIN/IEC 60751
Temperature measuring range
Selectable between -200...+650 °C
Linealization accuracy
<0.5% FS (at 23° C)
14 Bit
Measuring current
< 0,3 mA
Output signal
4...20 mA
Operating voltage
10...30 V DC
Application temperature
Electronics: -20...+80 °C
(LxWxH) 27 x 15 x 5 mm
Overvoltage protection
Varistor and RC-filter
Permissible load
Ra[Ω]<(Uv[Volts]-10V) / 0.02 A (for output 4...20 mA)
Solder termination
EMC-noise emission
EN 61000-6-3: 2011
EMC-noise withstanding
EN 61000-6-1: 2007
Scope of delivery
Our Pt1000 sensors are not included in scope of delivery, please order separately.

The module transforms the resistance characteristic curve of a Pt1000 sensor into an industrial standard signal 0…10 V (3-wire connection). Therefore the operation of the sensor for example on a SPS voltage or current input is possible.

The digital ASIC technology guarantees an excellent accuracy. The resistance characteristic curve of the sensor is linearized over polynomial of second order according to DIN 60751 and the measuring amplifier is temperature compensated.

Areas of application:

  • Building automation
  • Industrial measuring and control technology
  • Temperature recording

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