Band surface probe type K

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Our quick responsive surface probe ("leaf" or "paddle sensor“) is ideally suited for the accurate measurements of various surfaces.

Weight: 0.1276 kg
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5 pcs 142,86 €
10 pcs 135,34 €
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Article name
Surface probe
Temperature measuring range
-50...+400 °C
Mineral insulated thermocouple type K, NiCr-Ni
DIN EN 60584, class 1
Response time temperature
T90: 2 s
Tube length
130 mm
Tube diameter
8.0 mm
Tube material
rust and acid resistant Stainless Steel
Handle material
PA6, black
Handle Ø15 x 120 mm
Cable construction
Helical cable Type K, PU, 2 x 0.14 mm²
Cable length
Helical length approx. 250 mm, usable length 1000 mm
Miniature plug type K
elastic measuring tip
Environmental data
RoHS and REACH compliant
0.1276 kg

This popular B+B surface probe, type K, comes with green helical cable and a green thermocouple connector according to DIN EN 60584. It is ideally suited for quick measurements on various surfaces and in areas that are difficult to access. The extremely thin thermocouple sensor at the measuring tip ensures a very fast response time.

Application areas:

  • In the plastics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Automobile and Machinery industries
  • Laboratories and testing stations
  • Also for reference measurements at non-contact measurement instruments

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