Digital humidity and temperature probe for Hytelog Multisensor, HYT939

Product no.: SHOP 0626 0110-100M

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This innovative humidity- and temperature probe communicates via digital I²C interface. Due to its vast measuring range and rugged design it is suitable for numerous types of application within the field of temperature or humidity monitoring.

Weight: 0.15 kg
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Humidity/temperature probe
measurement category
humidity and temperature
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±1.8% RH at +23 °C
Output scaling humidity
0...100% RH on 0...16383 (dec) or 0x0000...0x3FFF (hex)
Temperature measuring range
-40...+125 °C
Temperature measuring principle
PTAT (integrated)
±0.2 °C (at 0...60 °C)
Output scaling temperature
-40...+125 °C on 0...16383 (dec) or 0x0000...0x3FFF (hex)
Response time temperature
T63 <10 s
I²C address
0x28, 0x29 or 0x2A
Tube length
32 mm
Tube diameter
13 mm
Tube material
PA6, black
Protective filter
stainless steel mesh
Cable construction
Copper cable TPE/shielded/TPE, 5x0.14 mm²
Cable length
2000 mm
5-pole flanged plug (M9x0.5); cable: 5-pole cable box, connection plug RJ12
Operating voltage
2.7...5.5 V DC
Current consumption
typ. <22 µA bt 1 Hz measuring rate, 850 µA maximal
Output signal
Digital, I²C
Protection category
IP65 (except thermocouple connector and sintered filter)
0.15 kg

In industrial and building automation, high-quality and inexpensive probes are needed which are particularly suited for continuous use. The innovative humidity- and temperature probe with digital I²C-interface meets these requirements exactly.

This humidity- and temperature probe can be connected directly to a microcontroller or regulator. With the Hytelog-Multisensor with software (available as accessory) the probe can operate directly on a PC. This enables recording and presenting measuring values and many controlling and regulating options. This is easily made possible by the optional software ProfiLab Expert 4.0 and the relay module (available as accessory).

With the Hytelog humidity and temperature measuring system you have the option of connecting 3 sensors at the same time. The temperature or humidity sensors can be easily connected via the three RJ12 sockets. It only has to be considered that the sensors have different I²C addresses. When used with the Hytelog multisensor, only the addresses 0x28,0x29 and 0x2A are permitted.

Areas of application:

  • Building automation
  • Industrial measurement and control technology
  • Air conditioning
  • Drying technology

I²C interface

Communication corresponds to the usual I²C protocol. All technical specifications of the protocol can be found in the documentation "Serial" Interface of B + B. Log in conveniently in our download center and select "I²C communication ASIC": Download page .


Programming of customer-specific I²C address with article SHOP 0800 3000.

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