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Pressure sensor module without housing

Product no.: SHOP DRMOD-I2C-PD2BM

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These pressure transducer moduls with combined digital (I²C) and analogue (0 .. 5 VDC) outputs are ideally suited for measuring static and dynamic relative pressure in liquids and gases.

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Pressure sensor module
Reamaining error linearity/hysteresis
< 0.3% FS
Application temperature
-20...+80 °C
Pressure connection
Hose connection 6/4 mm
Output signal
Analogue: 0...5 VDC, digital: I²C
Electrical connection
5-pole pin header, RM 2.54 mm
Digital: 13 bit; analouge: 11 bit
(LxWxH) 30 x 30 x 35 mm
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The pressure transducer modules of the DRMOD-I2C series transfer the measuring value as a calibrated and temperature compensated I²C digital signal. A second analogue output provides the measured values as linearised signal 0…5 VDC. A Microcontroller or Pressure controller can then directly read the pressure values via a 5-pin board connector.

The probe housing is made out of light metal (aluminium). The connection to the medium takes place over a hose connector 4/6. These transsucers show a high chemical resistance, however we recommend to make a media compatibility test especially if critical media like e.g. in electroplating applications (iron trichloride) or oils with undefined additives are used.

Areas of application:

  • Food industry
  • Building automation
  • Aeration systems
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fill level controls 
  • Fuel cells,…

I²C interface

Communication corresponds to the usual I²C protocol. All technical specifications of the protocol can be found in the documentation "Serial" Interface of B + B. Log in conveniently in our download center and select "I2C-protocol": Download page .


Programming of customer-specific I²C address with article SHOP 0800 3000.

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