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NTC temperature sensor 2 kΩ ±1%

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Glass-encapsulated NTCs have been specifically designed to measure high temperatures with an extremely short response time. Due to the minimal dimensions they can be used in small measuring places and for fast changes in temperature.

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Article name
NTC temperature sensor
Temperature measuring range
-55...+300 °C
Nominal resistance
at 25 °C: 2 kΩ
Resistance tolerance
at 25 °C: ±1%
Beta constant
R25 (B25/100): 3436 K, R25 (B25/85): 3420 K
Response time temperature
T63 in air: approx. 7 s
Self heating
Approx. 0.75 mW/K
Max. power loss
Approx. 32 mW
Connection wires
Dumet wires, copper-plated FeNi
Glas coating: approx. L2.2 x Ø1.3 mm; Wires: approx. L71 x Ø0.4 mm
Producer article number
0.0001 kg
These glass-encapsulated NTCs are most suited for various applications where previously more complex platinum sensors were used. The NTCs can be used for many applications such as in the automotive industry, for engine management or oil temperature measuring. NTC resistors are sensors whose electrical resistance has an negative temperature coefficient. This means the they are more conductive with high temperatures than with low temperatures. The glass coating enables a high heat resistance and reliability.

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