Universal Indicator N1500

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In measurement and control technology digital indicators are used to constitute measured values or process variables.

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Article name
Type J, K, N, R, S, T or Pt100 thermocouples in 3-wire technology; 0 ... 20mA; 4 ... 20 mA; 0 ... 50 mV; 0 ... 5 V; 0 ... 10 V
Input impedance
Thermocouples, Pt100 and 0… 50mV:> 10MΩ, 0… 20mA and 4… 20mA: 15Ω, 0… 5V and 0… 10V:> 1MΩ
depends on input, see data sheet
2 alarm relays SPDT, max. load 1.5 A / 250 V AC and 3 A / 30V DC; Optional: 2 alarm relays SPST, max. load 3 A / 250 V AC and 3A / 30 V DC; Optional: Analogue 0 or 4...20 mA output for measuring value transfer, 500Ω max; resolution 4000 level, insulated
Measuring rate
5/s for Pt100 and thermocouples; 15 / s at 0… 50 mV, 0… 5 V, 0… 10 V, 0… 20mA and, 4… 20 mA
A/D converter resolution
Intern:128000 levels, display: 62000 levels
Power supply
100...240 V AC ± 10%, 50…60 Hz
1-row, 6-digit LED display, red
Environmental conditions
Interior, 0...+55 °C, 20...85% RH
Protection category
IP65 at front wall (by correct installation)
(LxWxH) 96 x 92 x 48 mm ( Installation depth 87 mm)
0.15 kg

The powerful indicator N1500 offers among its universal input and the two relay outputs for the monitoring of the limit values, many other functions. The min- and max. – values can be prompted with just a keystroke. There is also a hold and a peak-hold function. Due to the high tact frequency the N1500 Indicator allows to monitor fast processes. There is also the possibility to linearise the measurement signal when using non-linear input signals (mV, V, mA). You can easily see the tact frequencies on the six-digit display. All settings and configurations can be done with the unit keyboard so that cables and sensors need not to be removed. As a result all settings, like sensor types, alarm and many other functions can be done directly through the keyboard on the frontside.

  • Universal input 2 relay outputs 6 alarm features
  • Linearization of mV-, V-, mA-signals
  • Voltage output 24 V DC for external 2-wire transmitter
  • Memory for MAX and MIN values, hold and peak features

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