Air purge unit DM LT series

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As a supplement to our range of infrared temperature measuring devices we offer a wide range of accessories. You have a wide choice of mechanical and optical accessories, air purge units, relay cards and software.

Weight: 0.15 kg
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3 pcs 58,20 €
10 pcs 55,50 €
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Article name
Air purge unit
Hose connection
3x 5 mm for compressed air
Across flat width
AF 19
Ø 21 x L45 m
0.15 kg

This air purge collar can be used for all stationary infrared measuring devices of the DM series. The air purge collar is an additional accessory to achieve even more precise measurement results with infrared measurements. The connected compressed air ensures that the infrared lens of the sensor remains free of dirt, dust or other particles.

In addition, the combination of heap and compressed air cools the infrared sensor in order to keep the influence of the ambient temperature as low as possible and to avoid measurement errors. The infrared sensor is installed in the air purge collar, which is then connected to the compressed air. Please ensure that you only use technically clean and oil-free compressed air.

Application areas:

  • Contactless temperature monitoring under extreme conditions
  • with fluctuating temperatures
  • in extremely polluted surroundings
  • in mechanical engineering
  • in plant engineering

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