Laser sighting tool for DM 21 / 151 / 201 / 401 / 601

Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-27

One point laser sighting tool to be used for the installation of the stationary infrared temperature measuring devices of the DM series (DM21, 201, 101,401, 501 and 601).

Weight: 0.08 kg
1 pc 61,90 €
3 pcs 58,80 €
10 pcs 55,71 €
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Article name
Laser sighting tool
635 nm
Sighting mechanism
Rotationally symmetric
cable length
3500 mm (optional 8000 mm)
Ø 12 x 28.4 mm
0.08 kg
The laser sighting tool has exactly the same dimensions as the detector heads of the infrared temperature measuring devices of the DM series. Thus it can be installed on the mounting brackets where the detector head will be stationary fixed. The orientation of the mounting bracket can with help of the laser beam adjusted and then fixed. The laser tool is then replaced with DM detector head. The laser tool can be connected to the terminals 3V and GND in the electronic box of the DM devoices and turned on or off via the control panel keys or with the Software if the USB interface is also installed.

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