Digital temperature sensor

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The digital temperature sensors TSic ™, LM35 DZ and DS18S20 offer excellent accuracy and long-term stability thanks to their high measuring accuracy.

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Digital temperature sensor
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Digital temperature sensor LM35DZ

The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature. The LM35 thus has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in ° Kelvin, as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from its output to obtain convenient Centigrade scaling.

Digital temperature sensor DS18S20

It has an operating temperature range of –55…+125 °C and is accurate to ±0.5 °C over the range of –10…+85 °C. In addition, the DS18S20 can derive power directly from the data line (“parasite power”), eliminating the need for an external power supply. Each DS18S20 has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple DS18S20s to function on the same 1-Wire bus. Thus, it is simple to use one microprocessor to control many DS18S20s distributed over a large area. Applications that can benefit from this feature include HVAC environmental controls, temperature monitoring systems inside buildings, equipment, or machinery, and process monitoring and control systems. 1-Wire is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

Digital temperature sensor TSIC

TSIC™ temperature sensors are known for its high accuracy, fast response behaviour and also its special long term stability Against other semiconductor temperature sensors, they offer an extended measuring range of -50... 150 °C with a resolution of 0.1K. Through the digital ZACwire-interface, connection to a micro-controller is very simple otherwise an additional analog-digital converter is required.

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