Leakage sensor

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The leakage sensor enables a realiable detection of water or other conductive media in seconds. The leakage sensor can be easily integrated into switching modules and systems via its RJ12 connector.

Weight: 0.0296 kg
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Leakage probe
Measuring range
10...30 µS
Sensor element
Gold-plated inter-digital structure on FR4 substrate
Application temperature
+5...+60 °C
Probe material
Epoxy FR4, gold plated
Mounting plate
PVC, 10 mm
RJ12 plug, 6-pole
Cable gland
PG7, nylon
Connecting cable
PUR, oil-resistant, 5m
(LxWxH) 96 x 96 x19 mm
EMC-noise emission
EN 61000-6-3: 2011
EMC-noise withstanding
EN 61000-6-1: 2007
Environmental data
RoHS and REACH compliant
0.0296 kg

Facing downward the leakage sensor is fixed on a mounting plate which is designed with spacers that keep the sensor appr. 5 mm above ground. The goldplated surface and the supply with alternating current prevent electrolysis effects and ensure a reliable switching characteristic even in contaminated media.

The sensor is rear-heated to ensure a reliable function above wet surfaces. The leakage probe is designed to be connected to the B+B universal sensor switching module (SHOP 0557 000-02 / SHOP 0557 0002) or leakage detector (SHOP LEME-24V) which performs the evaluation and provides a switch output with potential-free relay. Suitable liquids are all watery, conductive liquids, such as tap water. The device is not suitable for flammable, aggressive, caustic or electrically insulating liquids.


Areas of application:

  • leakage detection especially in difficult areas to access due to limited height
  • detection or monitoring of collection trays for leaking fluids
  • leakage detection in areas of machine engineering or other industrial applications


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