Universal two-point PCB controller 24 VDC / max. 45 mA or 24 VAC / max. 60 mA

Product no.: SHOP 0557 0005-01

The universal two-point PCB controller is suitable for various applications due to its easy handling and robust construction. It can process most industry probes with current, voltage, impedance or switching output.

Weight: 0.0648 kg
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Article name
Two-point controller
Operating voltage
24 VDC / max. 45 mA or 24 VAC / max. 60 mA
Off-delay timer
0 min 40 s ±20% configurable via jumper
Changeover contact for ohm resistive load
Capacity open contact
30 VDC / 5 A
Capacity break contact
30 VDC / 3 A
Fault clearance
Closer with varistor VZ 05/390V
Electrical Impedance
0…1/10/100 kΩ, configurable via plug-in jumpers
0…1 V/10 V, 0(4)…20 mA, via jumpers configurable
AC- Impedance input
Serialimpedance:10…50 kΩ,Conductance: 30…10 µS
SPDT relay (changer)
(LxWxH) 95 x 75 x 30 mm
0.0648 kg
The PCB is designed with three different inputs which are linked internally and can be used separately or jointly for universal use. Our product range offers the suitable probes for this unit: The dew formation probe SENSW-BTF to detect condensation, the humidity probe SENSW-RFF with sinter protection cap for regulation of the relative humidity and the conductivity probe SENSW-LWF for conductance evaluation. With the light probe SENSW-LIF the universal two-point controller can be used to automating Light switching on and off. The PCB controller accepts also most common industrial probes with 0…1 V/5 V/10 V, 0(4)…20 mA or 0...1k/10k/100k ohm outputs, making it a universal tool I a lot of applications.

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