Dew probe for universal switching module with two-point controller

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This B+B dew formation probe is a combined sensor consisting of two single sensors.

Weight: 0.035 kg
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Dew probe
Humidity measuring range
93...99% RH
SHS-A4L with additionally gold-plated interdigital structure
Humidity accuracy
±3% RH
probe length
90 mm
Probe width
12 mm
Probe diameter
12 mm
Raw material
Probe material: Epoxide FR4
Cable construction
Copper cable PVC/PP, 4 x 0.086 mm²
Cable length
1000 mm
RJ11-connection plug, 6P4C
Cable gland
0.035 kg

This B+B dew formation probe is a combined sensor which consists of two single sensors. A resistive dew sensor in thick-film technology reacts to high relative humidity values (approx. 93 to 99% RH). A second conductance sensor embedded as interdigital structure on a carrier substrate detects possible condensation. In combination with these two methods a safe switching performance is carried out.

Therefore the probe is also suitable for critical applications such as in cooling ceilings. With the universal sensor switching module SENSW-MOD12V, SENSW-MOD24V, SENSW-GEH230V the B+B dew formation probe is an optimal dew protection switch.


  • Automatic ventilation control in sanitary facilities, showers or indoor swimming pools,
  • As humidity monitor for exterior walls, pipelines or cellar rooms,
  • Monitoring of cooling ceilings, shop display windows or humidity in switchgear cabinets

Old article number: SHOP SENSW-RFF

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