CO2 measuring device "kiro air" for air quality, humidity and temperature - on request

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The kiro air measures the CO2 concentration of room air, temperature and humidity and shows the current values ​​on a paper-white display. The air quality is displayed using a CO2 traffic light and also warns with a signal ton.

Weight: 0.091 kg
Article name
B+B kiro air
measurement category
CO2 concentration (VOC measurement method, display of CO2 equivalents), temperature, humidity
Application temperature
0...+50 °C
ambient air humidity
0…85 % RH
CO2 measuring range
Humidity measuring range
0...100% RH
Humidity accuracy
±2% RH
Temperature measuring range
0...+50 °C
± 0,2 °C
Paperwhite-Display, 1,54“, 200x200 pixels
CO2 concentration, temperature and relative humidity, heartbeat function
Acoustic signal when a CO2 concentration of 1000 ppm is exceeded, acoustic signal can be switched off
Operating voltage
5V DC, max. 30mA
Micro USB connection
78 x 122 x 27mm
Protection category
Scope of delivery
kiro air, operation manual, , stand-up display, power adapter(operation only permitted with the power adapter included in delivery.)
0.091 kg

We all ventilate our living and working spaces every day. In the warmer seasons with pleasure and a lot, in the cold seasons even less with pleasure and often. But this is exactly a risk for all of us in the coming winter months.

A regular change of air is particularly important where there are many people and the risk of infections is higher than elsewhere due to the number of people in a closed room.In the current situation, teachers and students in classrooms, patients in waiting rooms, employees in open-plan offices and many more long for normalcy and instruction in local schools. Personal contact simplifies a lot.

But the implementation requires a lot of preparation. Mask requirement, keeping your distance and regular ventilation are just some of the measures. And there is a lot of uncertainty, especially with the important regular ventilation.

At the moment, this usually works according to the gut feeling of those present and possibly according to a time limit (2 x airing each 45 minutes). These orientation points are better than none, but especially in the current situation they are mostly too imprecise and therefore unreliable

The new kiro air from B+B Thermo-Technik supports this process and helps to improve the air quality and to reduce the risk of infections (e.g. COVID-19, influenza, etc.).

The compact CO2 measuring device was developed to monitor the quality of the room air in the simplest possible way and to be able to quickly initiate necessary measures. The white paper display offers a quick overview of the current CO2 concentration as well as the temperature and humidity in the room.

 If the traffic light turns red, the CO2 concentration is over 1000ppm. This is an indication that the room should be ventilated. At the same time, the red traffic light status is communicated via an acoustic signal.

 The power is supplied by a standard smartphone charging cable via a micro USB port. It is already included in the scope of delivery.

Typical areas of application:

  • Living rooms
  • Work and office spaces
  • Schools, classrooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Other closed rooms with a large number of people

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