Sensor module for particle and dust measurement

Product no.: SHOP STBM-271

This innovative sensor detects dust, particulate matter and pollen in the ambient air by scattering of light. The particulate matter sensor can be easily integrated into any actuators or control units.

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Article name
Sensor module for dust detection
Measuring principle
Light scattering method
Measuring range
Particles with dimension > 1 µm, 0...60.000 particles/1000cm³
Output signal
Pulse width modulation
Application temperature
-10...+65 °C
Operating humidity range
< 95 % RH
(LxWxH) 59x 45x 20 mm
2 mm pitch connector type (GIL-S-5P-S2L2-EF)
Stabilization time
One minute after power on
Power consumption
90 mA
Supply voltage
5 V DC±10 %
Measuring medium
Ambient air, smoke, dust, mite dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, pores and other allergenes
0.034 kg

Through a light scattering method the highly sensitive optical sensor detects particles of smoke, dust, cigarette smoke, pollen as well as house dust pores and mite dust in ambient air starting at a particle dimension of 1 µm. The dust detector can be easily integrated into control unit devices such as ventilation systems.

 Areas of application include:

  • Air purifiers
  • Air-analysis and control systems
  • air conditioners, ventilators & fans
  • smoke exhaust emissions
  • smoking lounges


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