Room humidity probe for universal switching module with two-point controller

Product no.: SHOP SENSW-RFF

The B+B humidity sensor with RJ12 connector and polyethylen sinterfilter is ideally suited for measuring relative humidity indoors.

Weight: 0.072 kg
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Room humidity probe
Humidity measuring range
35...90% RH
Application temperature
+10...+40 °C
Electrolytic humidity sensor on ceramic substrate
Humidity accuracy
±5% RH at 25 °C
probe length
90 mm
Probe width
12 mm
Protective filter
PE-sintered filter 25 µm, Ø 12 x 30 mm
Cable construction
Copper cable PVC, flat
Cable length
1000 mm
RJ12-connection plug
Cable gland
0.072 kg

The sensor element is protected against dust and contaminations with a hydrophobic sinter cap of polyethylene. The electronics integrated in the probe housing linearises the measuring element and improves temperature behaviour.

With the universal sensor switching module SENSW-MOD12V, SENSW-GEH230V and the B+B room humidity probe a simple moisture control can be performed.

The probe is ideal for the control and regulation of the relative air humidity in green houses, store rooms, terrains or in server-rooms.

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