Sensor switching step with impedance evaluation, dew and humidity switching module

Product no.: SHOP 0557 0002M

The universal sensor switching module has been developped for humidity measuring applications and is suitable for various electrolytic sensors as a two-point controller.

Weight: 0.0434 kg
Article name
Universal switching module
Current consumption
max. 60 mA
Adjustment range
10...80 kW
Operating current
Relay off: 25 mA; Relay on: max. 80 mA
Changeover contact
Capacity open contact
230 VAC/ 8 A; 30 V DC / 8A
Capacity break contact
30 V DC/ 8 A
Fault clearance
Closer with varistor, Closer unshielded
Signal output
5.8 kHz, 5 Vss, 1 kΩ impedance for passive piezo transducers
(LxWxH) 71 x 53 x 30 mm
Scope of delivery
Delivery as circuit board, without housing
0.0434 kg

The universal sensor switching module is suitable for various electrolytic sensors as a two-point controller. The circuit is provided especially for the evaluation of dew sensors of the SHS series or of the humidirty sensor EFS from our product range.

The evaluation of the sensor is based on an impedance measurement with alternating voltage. Due to this feature the electronics is suited for resistive and capacitive as well as electrolytic sensors. This functional principle with alternating voltage makes performing continouus measurements possible without destroying the sensors through electrochemical procedures.

Areas of application:

  • Conductance and filling level probes
  • Condensation switches or
  • Water and leakage probes

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