Temperature module with I²C bus,-32...+96 °C, 2.7...5,5 V DC

Product no.: SHOP TEMOD-I2C-R12V7

In the industrial sector of temperature measurement platinum sensors are a common measurement solution. The intelligent B+B temperature module adjusts the non-linear signal of the pt1000 sensor and translates it into an I²C.

Weight: 0.0156 kg
1 pc 37,00 €
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Temperature module
Temperature measuring range
-32...+96 °C
±0.25 °C plus accurcay of the used Pt1000 sensor
Resolution I²C-interface
14 bit, Increment 1/32 K
Resolution, analogue output
11 bit, Increment 1/8 K
Application temperature
Electronics: -20...+80 °C
I²C-Bus, voltage output is not configrued
Operating voltage
2,7...5,5 V DC
Current consumption
<3 mA
Pin strip 6-pole, RM 2.54 mm
(LxWxH) 37 x 9 x 5mm
0.0156 kg

The innovative B+B temperature module converts the pt1000 sensor signal into an I²C signal. The implemented ASIC technology processes the compilation and linearisation of the sensor signal. The platin sensor guarantees a high measurement accuracy, drift stability and an outstanding long-term stability. Furthermore the pt1000 sensor is interchangeable.

Areas of application:

  • Industrial measuring technology
  • Building automation
  • Ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • Automotive
  • White goods
  • OEM products

I²C interface

Communication corresponds to the usual I²C protocol. All technical specifications of the protocol can be found in the documentation "Serial" Interface of B + B. Log in conveniently in our download center and select "I²C communication ASIC": Download page .


Programming of customer-specific I²C address with article SHOP 0800 3000.

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