Relay interface board for infrared temperature measuring device

Product no.: SHOP 0554 2006

This relay interface PCB enables you to extend easily the infrared temperature measuring device DM21 D and DM201 D by two potential-free relays.

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Article name
Relay board for infrared temperature measuring device
Scope of delivery
Relay interface board incl. terminal block, cable gland M12x1,5, 2 screws, cable tie and short instruction
suitable for
Infrared temperature measuring devices SHOP 0560 0447-03 and SHOP 0560 0447-21
Two potential-free relays, max. 60 V DC, 42 V AC (eff.), 0.4 A AC/DC
0.15 kg

This relay interface kit consists of one relay PCB including a terminal block, one cable gland (M12x1,5) and two mounting screws (M3x5). The B+B relay interface PCB enables you to extent the infrared measuring devices DM21 D (part no.: SHOP 0560 0447-21) and DM201 D (part no.: SHOP 0560 0447-03) by two potential-free relay outputs.

For this the IR measuring device simply has to be opened. Then the relay board has to be plugged on the provided module slot and can be securely fixed by the two mounting screws. Both relay outputs are completely laid-out isolated and can switch at max 60 V DC / 42 V AC (eff) or 0,4 A DC/AC.


  • non-contact temperature measurement in conjunction with multiple actuators
  • mechanical engineering
  • printing industry
  • agriculture

Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-03
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Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-28
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Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-23
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Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-08
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Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-04
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Product no.: SHOP 0560 0447-21
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