Level controller 230 V/AC in housing with operating panel

Product no.: SHOP WLS-GEH230V

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This controller allows you to control the levels in conductive liquids such as condensate and tap or rain water. It can control 4 levels simultaneously.

Weight: 0.56 kg
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3 pcs 55,40 €
10 pcs 52,49 €
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Level controller
Operating voltage
230 VAC, 5 VA
Capacity open contact
230 VAC/ 5 A
Capacity break contact
230 VAC/ 2 A
Fault clearance
Closer with varistor VZ 05/390V
Impedance shift point
15…80 kΩ,over individual potentiometer adjustable
Max. evaluation
max. 5 Vss
Measuring current
<250 µA
(LxWxH) 100 x 100 x 60 mm
Protection category
Scope of delivery
Device with operating panel in housing with cable gland, without probe
0.56 kg

Two independent circuits enable this device to simultaneously control both the min. and max. liquid levels and the activation of two different actuators, such as a filler valve and a pump. The measuring of the levels in the container is achieved by electrodes, which you can either purchase, or make yourself.  The contact surfaces can be fixed on the inner side of the container wall  or (stick) electrodes can be hung from above the surface. 

You can find the suitable level probe with pendulating electrodes in our B+B product  range:  


Areas of application include:

  • Water replenishment  / Control of rainwater cisterns
  • Control of condensate drip trays and pressure tanks
  • Boilers, springs and wells
  • Controlling of pumps

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