Brightness probe for sensor switching module

Product no.: SHOP SENSW-LIF

Universal light probe for various building automation applications. As a twilight switch the probe controls the outside lighting with the switching electronics or operates the roller shutters and awnings in the conservatory or winter garden.

Weight: 0.0626 kg
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Article name
Brightness probe
Measuring range
0...20000 Lux
Perkin Elmer VT93N2 (LDR)
Resistance range
0.2…10 kΩ
±20% of resistance value
Probe: Ø 12 x 60 mm
Cable construction
PVC cable
Cable length
1500 mm
RJ12-connection plug
Cable gland
0.0626 kg

The  SENSW-LIF light sensor can be used in lots of different applications in combination with e. g. the B+B Universal switching module (Art.: SHOP 0557 0005-02). It can be used to control the outdoor lighting or regulating the shutters or sunblinds in winter gardens. The weahterproof light sensor is fully sealed and thus most suitable for outdoor applications. Through the RJ12 connector the light sensor can be easiliy connected to any control unit. Additionally the cable gland guarantees a secure connectin the the control unit.



Areas of Application:

  • Building automation
  • Outdoor applications
  • Control technology
  • brightness measurement



B+B is well known manufacturer for measurement technology. In 2011 brightness and light measurement was added to B+B's product range. This knew technology has been constantly updated. You are in need of customized brightness measurement technology? Just give us a call!

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