Infrared camera ThermoCam XI 400

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The robust and compact XI 400 infrared camera enables a convenient remote focus with the motor focus. It reliably measures temperatures between -20 and 900 °C and the excellent optical resolution enables a measuring spot-distance ratio of up to 390:1

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Article name
Infrared camera
Temperature measuring range
-20...+900 °C
System accuracy
±2 °C or ±2%
FPA, uncooled (17 μm pitch)
Thermic sensitivity
80 mK
Optical resolution
382 x 288 pixels
Environmental temperature
0...+50 °C
Storage temperature
-20...+70 °C
Allowable relative humidity
10...95% RH (non-condensing)
Spectral range
8...14 µm
Power supply
5V DC (supply via USB interface)
Operating current
max. 500 mA
cable length
1 m
PIX Connect
∅ 36 x 100 (M30x1 thread)
Protection category
Scope of delivery
Xi camera with lens, USB cable, cable for outputs/inputs with terminal strip, mounting bracket with tripod thread, mounting nut, PIX Connect software package, quick start guide

The infrared camera ThermoCam Xi 400 was developed for thermography in the OEM area.

The motorized focus adjustment allows the focusing of the thermal images from a distance. It is equipped with a high resolution FPA sensor with 382 x 288 pixels. The thermal sensitivity is 80 mK, which enables this compact thermal imaging camera to detect the smallest temperature differences on a surface. With an image update speed of up to 80 images per second, the ThermoCam XI400 is also suitable for applications with fast processes. In particular, it is used to monitor processes in the automotive, plastics processing, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries and to ensure the quality of the products manufactured here. The IR camera has a temperature range of -20 °C to 900 °C. Thanks to the integrated Process Interface (PIF) and the analog and digital inputs and outputs, the integration of the camera in a process automation is easily feasible.

The ThermoCam XI400 is offered with four different optics (lenses). The "PIX Connect" software provides video and snapshot recordings, extensive offline and online analyzes and is available.


  • Very good thermal sensitivity
  • Motorized focus adjustment
  • Thermal images in real time (up to 80Hz frame rate)
  • Optional lenses for far and near field photography
  • Detector resolution with 382 x 288 pixels
  • Analog output and digital IOs for process automation
  • Free extensive analysis and monitoring software


  • Electronics development
  • Process control during extrusion
  • Development of electronic components
  • Development of mechanical components
  • Process control during calendering
  • Process control in solar cell production
  • Injection molding temperature measurement

Further cameras and lenses are possible on request Further cameras and lenses are possible on request.

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