Infrared temperature-measuring device with integrated aiming laser

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Infrared thermometers are optimally suited for non-contact punctual temperature measurements and can be used in various configurations for almost every area of application.

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Article name
Infrared temperature measuring device
Temperature measuring range
-40...+816 °C
approx. ±2%, for further information check data sheet
0.1 °C/°F at <280 °C; 1.0 °C/°F at >280 °C
Emission factor
Adjustable 0.3...1.0
LCD-Display,illuminated;switchable to °C or °F
Response time temperature
500 ms
Auto Off
after aprox. 10s
2x 1.5 V, Mignon AA
(LxWxH) 195 x 134 x 50 mm
Scope of delivery
Meter with protective pouch and wrist strap , incl . 2 batteries in a handy carrying case
0.3248 kg

The infrared thermometer IR 8895 is a high-class infrared measuring device and is ideally suited for non-contact temperature measurement with high demands on accuracy. Temperature measurements by infrared are mainly used for surface measurements of objects that are moving, for example, are difficult to reach or that, for hygienic reasons, must not come into contact with other materials.

In order to achieve the perfect measurement result, the IR device has a laser pointer to precisely hit the measuring point. The emissivity can be individually adjusted in order to achieve highly precise measurement results. A selection of different materials and their associated emission values ​​can be found in the operating instructions.

The infrared thermometer IR 8895 is comfortable to hold and has an intuitive button guide. Measurement results can be displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. In addition, the measuring device has a hold function in order to save measurement results at short notice. The infrared temperature measuring device is supplied in a handy case including a protective bag.


Typical areas of application:

  • non-contact temperature control Incoming goods inspection,
  • quality controls,
  • Machine monitoring,
  • System monitoring
  • predictive maintenance,
  • Food inspection,
  • Temperature monitoring in the production process process control


What is the emissivity?

 Every body / material emits a specific heat radiation in the form of infrared. The emissivity of a body / material indicates how much radiation it emits in comparison to the ideal heat radiator, a deep black body. In order to obtain a highly accurate measurement result from an infrared temperature measurement, the emissivity of the body to be measured must also be taken into account.

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